Saturday, 31 October 2009


Fangs Ain't What They Was

Very few guising parties abroad tonight; we seem to be following America in stealing the Feast of All Souls away from the children, and using it for our own drunken revelry (I recently read somewhere that in Ohio, they have “Beggars’ Night” for the kids, a couple of days before Hallowe'en, "on the thinking that Halloween has been colonized by adults, who will have lots of drinks at their Halloween parties and then take to the road, not necessarily watching for tyke-sized ghosties and ghoulies out looking for treats").

Anyway, our lot were out upholding the best of the tradition, starting with Little Niece, who made her own mask. Good, eh?

Accompaniment was provided by the sundry niece and nephew corps. Note the intentionally uncorrected red eye, because - well, Hallowe'en, blood red eyeballs on stalks, what's the problem?

We adults took an extensive, active and exhausting role in the event.

I guess we made the mistake of over-imposing on Little Niece's excellent nature, because after posing without complaint, then cracking her tooth on one toffee apple, before selflessly donating another to her younger cousin (who found hers inedible), she finally gave up asking politely for the cameras to be taken out of her face, taking instead direct action.

At least we can still see the back of her; sadly, Little Nephew once again spent his entire Hallowe'en upstairs alone, stuffing all of his hard-earned pocket money into Steve Ballmer's wad.

That was October for you.

Photographs copyright © 2009 by Linda Kerr.

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