Monday, 2 November 2009

Bruce Schneier in London

From the Open Rights Group blog:
Event with Bruce Schneier:

The Future of Privacy:
Rethinking Security Trade-offs.

We live in a unique time in our technological history. The cameras are ubiquitous, but we can still see them. ID checks are everywhere, but we still know they're going on. Computers inherently generate personal data, and everyone leaves an audit trail everywhere they go.

Bruce Schneier, internationally-renowned cryptographer, technologist and author, will share his vision of current and future technologies' effects on privacy. Schneier rejects the traditional "security vs. privacy" dichotomy in favor of a more subtle and realistic one.

Data is the pollution problem of the information age and we need to start thinking about how to deal with it.

When? Doors open at 1830, Friday 4 December 2009

Where? St Albans Centre, 18 Brooke St, London, London EC1N 7RD

Jim Killock, Executive Director of Open Rights Group, will chair the audience Q&A. Drinks will be available at the venue before and after the talk.

An audio and video recording will be made available after the event.

General admission tickets are already sold out ;-) so you'll have to join the ORG to attend. Extra bonus: join today for a free signed copy of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother!

Already a fan, I read Cory's Little Brother online soon after publication, but later shelled out for a signed copy to give to Little Nephew (yes, that's where he gets the name) last Christmas. When Little Niece asked to read it, he surprised me, not to mention stymied Cory's honourable Creative Commons licensing intentions, by charging her a quid for the privilege.

So wrong. In so many ways. And yet somehow: Attaboy!

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