Monday, 19 October 2009

Dear Charlotte (Part 2 of 2)

What He Said:

Great to see Charlotte Hatherley's new album being chosen as CD Of The Week in the Sunday Times Culture magazine. From the article by Dan Cairns, three excerpts:

There are seven primary and five secondary notes in western music...

What [Charlotte] should really be cherished for is her trio of solo albums, of which New Worlds is the third and best...

...these are sensational songs, from an artist who remains bafflingly overlooked, but continues to dive into that tiny pool and come up bearing pearls.

That puts it so much better than I ever could, so I won't. Save to express the hope that the epithet, "bafflingly overlooked", which has already been applied to Charlotte many times, will begin to work its magic this year.

Just over a year ago one of my favourite bands, the Criminally Neglected Elbow, won a Mercury prize, and immediately began enjoying great success as simply Elbow.

Sadly the same effect doesn't seem to be working this season for my SPL team, Hamilton Academicals Nil.

To your great relief, my planned discourse on the theory and nature of progressive music has been dropped, however temporarily, in favour of simply asking you to click through and glance over Dan's article, above. It's almost enough to forgive him this howler, from his extensive Fleetwood Mac article in the same issue:

Not that things don’t remain unsaid: this is Fleetwood Mac, after all.

Seriously, who needs three negatives?

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