Saturday, 24 September 2011

It Will Be A Good Day

Six For Saturday

▲ What you get when you play Charlotte Hatherley's White video backwards.

▲ They're all good days.

▲ 2005 electro with a dark tone, superbly conveyed by Helen Marnie's understated delivery.

▲ Flautist Kate Holmes (no, not that one) is also "Client A" in CLIEИT, where Charlotte Hatherley once appeared as "Client C" (and when you read that Charlotte has two elder sisters, Abigail and Beatrice, a heartbreaking little narrative springs to mind).

▲ Bars of seven measures from Poland's greatest export! Love the funky piano @ 3:50.
Yes I know there aren't "measures" in a musical "bar". It's a pub gag.

One of my favourite pop songs - Carla J Easton (Futuristic Retro Champions). Nuff said.

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