Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hannes Bok

The Futurian Artist in Chief

Inveterate name dropper Fred Pohl's first hand reminiscences on the early history of SF, memories from the elder half of the previous century, continue to amaze me with their depth and clarity. Meanwhile his blog sparkles too with pithy one-liners and snarky, short form, political comment. ♥

This weekend's treat: part one of a biographical sketch of Hannes Bok (real name Wayne Woodard), the only member of the pro-crashed fan club Futurians of New York ever to win a Hugo for illustrative drawing and painting. The story covers his fortuitous early association with one aspiring writer named Ray Bradbury, and the role played by the first ever World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon).

Update (Sep 7):
  1. Futurian Artist in Chief
  2. The story with the unhappy ending

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