Sunday, 28 February 2010

Frantic Support Call

Best Newcomer in a Supporting Role

You see, this is why my admiration for our Help Desk staff has always been, and remains today, unbounded. Also: why I would never have succeeded in a professional tech support capacity. Today, over the telephone, I had to help my elderly (84yo) Aunt regain the picture on her Sky+HD system.

Don't get me wrong. Auntie may be vintage circa '25, but she's absolutely no slouch. Every week she does her shopping, and the lottery, on the Internet. Every day she keeps in touch, via email and IM and the occasional forum or two, with family, friends, and ofttimes colleagues. In fact she's almost certain to read this, which is in its own way terrifying for me!

Nevertheless, I must tell you about that conversation between us today. As the curtain rises, the audience sees a lady in a chair, looking at a blank TV screen. A voice comes over the telephone speaker...
Me: Now press the Source button. What's on the screen?
Auntie: AV one.
Me: Good. Now press it again. What's on the screen now?
Auntie: AV two.
Me: Okay, one more time. What's on the screen now?
Auntie: HDMI one.
Me: Anything else?
Auntie: No, just HDMI one.
Me: Are you sure there's absolutely nothing else on the screen?
Auntie: Nope, nothing else at all. Apart from Harrison Ford.

Keep up the good work, guys.

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