Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Масленица в древнем Угличе!

Things My Postman Brings Me

Who could fail to love a town, where "the only type of urban transport is a vapor"...

Grand Circle Program Directors in Traditional Russian Royal Dress
(c) Linda Garrison

Shrovetide in old Uglich! (13-14 February 2010.) Welcome to one of the most unusual trips! For 2 day bus tour you will experience everything!

Touches the high and eternal, visiting monasteries and acting mysterious ancient churches on the Golden Ring cities - Uglich.

Feel the joy of the earth, engaging in lively Shrovetide festivities with pancakes, mummers, goblet of mead. There will be dancing on the accordion with Baba Yaga and the Wood-Demon, burning effigies Maslov, fun contests and tasty treats.

All this is just for you!

You will never forget their experiences, visiting the town of Myshkin, where the only type of urban transport is a vapor, and visiting museums with the eloquent title "Russian Boots" and "Library of Russian Vodka". And "House of Crafts" will give you a unique opportunity to become a potter at the time, or a blacksmith and create something with their own hands!

Comfortable travel and stay in a comfortable boarding house on the banks of the Volga - will only reinforce your impressions!

Price - 4800 rub. All Inclusive!

Information by phone: -XXX - XXX-XX-XX, XX-XX-XX

Translated from the original Spam by Google. Please note that Ms Garrison's beautiful photo appears for illustrative purposes only, and has no connection with unsolicited emails.

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