Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My Cat Here

Meet our Cleo

Of course the Internet is made of cats, everybody knows that. So here is our latest contribution, and indeed our latest family member: Cleo, aged almost one and a quarter.

Actually she's still at the Scottish SPCA rehoming centre right now, just awaiting a little dental scale and polish, and whatever other surgical interventions might be appropriate (ssshhh). But she has been duly reserved, her new home is ready and waiting, and we've been busy planning and buying her new toys and other worldly chattels.

Cleo strikes you at first as a quiet wee lass - indeed, "A very timid little lady" is the first entry on her vet's record. She's recently lost her owner(s), sadly no longer able to take care of her. And just at this time, with all she's been through and the upset in her life, she can appear a little reluctant to make new friends. But she didn't have to spend too long as a rescue kitty. As soon as she appeared in her temporary accommodation quarters, as soon as she came forward to get tickled, as soon as she miaowed, she was all ours.

Insofar as any cat can ever be said to belong to any of us... anyway.

The very lovely Cleo Kerr, everybody!

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