Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Implied Consent (Cookies)

What Cookies are set by this Site?

This blog is a web site, within the meaning of the EU cookie law. It uses cookies. As such, it is governed by regulations set forth by the Information Commissioner's Office. What cookies are used here, and why?

Google Analytics a web service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate how visitors find and use the web site. This feature does not collect any personal information about you. I occasionally browse the reports generated by Google Analytics in order to to evaluate just how devastatingly unpopular my blog is.

Cookies from the Blog

...which resides on the Google-owned platform. sets various cookies related to that service. I don't control the dissemination of the cookies set by the platform, except for the Google Analytics cookies explained above.

Dog Biscuit's Trading Pages

If you visit my archived Yes & Led Zeppelin bootleg trading site, some of your search preferences will be saved by cookie for your next visit. The information saved in this cookie never leaves your browser. In fact that entire site comprises nothing but static HTML pages and a bunch of exclusively client-side JavaScript; there is no server component (yes, the entire database is in that script).

I am certainly not using cookies to gather information about your browsing habits or to push advertisements at you. If you have reason to think you picked up a tracking cookie here, it might mean I've been hacked; please contact me, for example by leaving a comment on a post - anonymously if you prefer.

This has been a public service announcement made necessary by a directive of the European Commission, confusing a worthy goal (securing web users' privacy) with a particular technology (cookies).

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