Friday, 29 July 2011

Happy Birthday (2) To Me

Little Bloggie's 2nd Birthday

Cool, so I've been blogging here for two whole years! Time for another bit of metaspection.

Most of what I have to say about that is just to repeat last year's birthday message. The targets for the blog have remained the same: two posts per week, half the posts technical in nature, half nontechnical. Oh, and half the technical ones security related. Those targets continue to be met - the technical and security quotas comfortably, and the overall to within about 10%.

How successful has the endeavour been to date? Just as last year, the technical articles have continued to prove the less popular, and the security related ones, less so again. This echoes a typical Facebook experience, where comments on world affairs of any importance get ignored, while random posts about toasted cheese or mismatched shoes attract dozens of comments...

The blog's popularity, according to Google Analytics, has risen slowly but steadily to around 300 unique visitors per month. At this low level, comment spam remains almost nonexistent. I've only ever had to delete two comments in that category. Speaking of Google Analytics, can you see the point where my post about Sony's PS3 Linux crimes got linked at NeoGAF?

Our design, development and test departments have now had one Day O' Security presentation, or rather two identical half-presentations, that went quite well overall. Though it remains to be seen at the forthcoming Game O' Cards, as well as the promised Son O' Day O' Security: Clowns and Dancing Girls, how many colleagues have retained their new knowledge of CIA and STRIDE!

On a negative note, I've just lost my protégé, which probably seems a bit careless. Kind of a dev-elopement, you could say. Too soon to know for certain whether my mentoring on the fascinating realm of computer security testing drove him to his extreme of plank-walking despair, or enabled some shimmering new empire-building opportunity in the arena of inhouse penetration testing. Either way, our own security team having just been binarated (by analogy with decimated), I'd best go start recruiting once more. We're going to need a bigger budget...

Happy 2nd birthday, little bloggie.


Happy Birthday To Me

Photo credit: Abdulrahman Bin Slmah CC licensed


  1. Happy birthday, John's blog! Wishing you all the best on your special day :-).

    Nice comments system, BTW ;-).

  2. Cheers Andrew! Looks like it's just thee an' me this year.

    Party hat?

  3. Many happy returns! Sorry it's a day late but I'm just back from holibags!