Friday, 22 April 2011

Ravish Revisited

New Artwork!

Having a great Easter holiday right now, driving around mostly at random. Yesterday saw a day trip to the Lake District, stopping off at Windermere, grabbing an alfresco at the Wateredge Inn. More about that later, maybe...

Day before was a lazy local sightseeing trip of New Lanark and the Tinto hills. That's when we found this lovely old pavilion. Now admit it, if you rounded a random corner to find such a distinguished, beautiful brickwork black board, you'd screech to a halt for a proper pic, and use it as artwork for your new single.

Well, we got there first. And while the super limited mini-vinylesque edition might already be sold out, you can still help yourself to the free MP3 download here:
1: Ravish
2: The Drummer's Hashpipe
3: The Devil's Pot Pipe

Artwork: Front Back

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