Friday, 10 December 2010



Found earlier this week on Warren Ellis's blog, thought I'd put another copy of it in here so I can easily find it again (web searches for Mascara failing as yet to yield the desired results):


Hmmm, lovely. I'm hearing early Faust, Zeit-era Tangerine Dream, and contemporary ambient production artifacts... also notes of lemon, cinnamon, coarse grade abrasives, a marzipan of nostalgia... tell you what, just for a bit of context, and since their sixth studio album Lisbon came out less than three months ago, let's also remind ourselves of The Walkmen's 2007 performance of this piece, at Williamsburg Music Hall, NY:

No Christmas While I'm Talking was (still is) from their second album, 2004's critically acclaimed Bows + Arrows. The full effect of the song is only realised when you know the words. Here they are.
When I was told you lied to me
I hung my head in shame
When I was told you were cheating me
I bit my lip in pain

So back up back far away
And you better know now just for a little while
Do it one more time just for a little while
Lyrics are copyright © 2004 by The Walkmen.

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