Thursday, 8 April 2010


Teach Me To Sleep

Rolled out of bed at 7 this morning and checked first thing, as you do, for any Porcupine Tree news. Turns out they've opened the presale, overnight, of their new, deluxe, special edition, 130 minute concert film Anesthetize on both standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-Ray disc.

And just as abruptly, it's sold out.


Actually it's only the red cover, 1,000 copies limited edition that's gone in the past few hours. The grey cover, 4,000 copies limited edition is still available. And apart from the fact that you have to paint it red yourself, it has exactly the same content:
  • The concert film on DVD and Blu-Ray, featuring a complete performance of the Fear of a Blank Planet album and 11 other tracks.
  • Taken from two concerts at Tilburg, The Netherlands, at the end of the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, October 2008.
  • Directed and edited by Lasse Hoile on high definition cameras, with the soundtrack mixed into stereo and 5.1 sound.
  • Two audio CDs of the entire live film soundtrack, with a bonus track not featured in the film.
  • All in a beautiful cloth bound hardback book, featuring concert photography of the band taken over the last few years.
Okay, it costs half a ton plus postage, but look, I can easily point my wife to Steven Wilson's previous special editions, his Insurgentes solo album and PT's last audio release The Incident, both of which are making good returns on ebay today.

And look - there's already a copy of the red version being offered on ebay. Hell's bells and buckets o'blood, there isn't even a release date for it yet. Give us a break, man!

Update: Grey edition now sold out too.

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